Multilingual Business Upgrades & Content Based Language Improvement


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your key to the multilingual world

Overcome language barriers at work
with multilingual business upgrades

Your employees, customers and partners have to communicate with each other in more than 25 different languages and you require a quicker understanding of the multilingual flow of information?
To provide a better understanding of the company’s language, better language skills or language courses are required, to avoid the constant looking up of single terms.

With the help of you will be able to understand the whole content of the original version thanks to accurate subtitles in more than 25 languages. A million fold proven concept: time-saving, economical and safe. No matter if digitally or printed out: Readers will improve their skills en passant.

Avoid misunderstandings in communication
and protect the privacy of your data from unreliable translation platforms.

Professional training and language learning in just one step
Content Based Language Improvement

For those being trained in a foreign language, particular technical terms are essential for work. Most language courses only teach general language. By now, professional jargon can only be learned in sequences: Language course > Professional Training > Practise offers a millionfold proofed principle for international business: offers companies and educational organizations a new and ideal solution to rigorously reduce the overall time span of languge courses and professional trainings:

Content based Language Improvement

The language technology supplys subtitles for every important word in more than 25 of the readers'mother toungues. Therefore, all kind of office documents, websites, intranets, PDFs get understandable at once: learning with the original is best.

Companies can therefore use the information from everyday working life to ensure the required professional qualifications in more than 25 languages. Adapted to the individual needs of different sectors, this technology can be individually adjusted and is also profitable for big organisations.

Learning a profession and a language at the same time: every reader has a personalised vocabulary box with teaching functions to improve knowledge and lexicon. To learn a language during the daily working hours increases the productivity.

Language improvement on the job enhances business productivity every day

Wider range for the international content-marketing - thanks to languages

The information given by a master language like English reaches people worldwide. But only little understand it perfectly. In fact, if marketing information is translated into the reader‘s mother tongue, important pieces of information is lost in most of the cases.

With the help of the news and magazine platform of information for customers expands globally and new target groups with other mother tongues can be acquired in the home market, too. Just by using the right language.

Thanks to our new Content-format and Content-Channels target groups receive recent, professional and entertaining information
and your Content Marketing will gain new international quality.

Reading foreign texts permanently improves language skills

Right understanding within context
Digital and Print-out

Personalized vocabulary box
with teaching functions

Available on every device
- without installation