Multilingual Business Upgrades & Content Based Language Improvement


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Everyday worldwide, companies, employees and private customers face:

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world“

direct success:
all employees understand the corporate languages

Employees from over 25 different countries understand the original - fast and deep,
e.g. communication, documentations, newsletters, product information
starting from basic language skills

Multilingual Business Upgrades

Better understanding increases productivity and competitiveness: economical, safe & fast

fast track:
improve langugage and skills on the job

Professional training and language improvement in just one step:ntimesaving and efficient qualification of multiple employees at once - with the help of existing content of everyday corporate life

Content based Language Improvement

Content and language integrated learning: personalised and company-wide

extended range:
reach clients from many different nations

Efficient multilingual approach to many different target groups also in secondary and third markets – even in the home market.
A new quality for the international multicultural marketing

Market Range

Wider content range through languages: internationally and in the home market

Overcome language barriers at work with innovative learning methods.
Get direct access and understanding for relevant Information.

In every organisation, language gaps arise at the interfaces between corporate languages and mother tongues of employees, clients and partners from many different nations. A lack of language skills permanently produces comprehensibility issues and diminishes both:nyour company's potential as well as its competitiveness, e.g.:

for the internal
and external communication

practice the language by passing through reading, listening and understanding of relevant company content: page by page - word by word

for training, apprenticeships
and knowledge management
naccelerated process to understand a foreign language even if a specific topic has not been discussed in the language course yet

Having 24 official languages and even more native languages, the EU is the largest multilingual market world wide. Moreover, there are languages spoken in key target markets or the ones used for ethnic marketing, e.g. Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

Markets with a B- or C-priority are often "only" delivered with the international standard Englisch. This causes additional problems of misunderstanding.

A simple check – is your company ready for the international business?

How many native languages do the clients in your domestic market and in your export markets speak?


How many native languages do your business partners and the employees in your company speak?


In how many languages is your company providing websites, product information etc. to customers?


In how many languages is your company providing information and education to stuff & partners ?


Language Gaps between your products
and your clients

(Pos. 1 – Pos. 3)


Language Gaps between your company and your employees and partners

(Pos. 2 – Pos. 4)

12 supports companies and public authorities in succeeding in and exploiting
the full potential of language in 3 steps:


Employees and clients from over 25 different countries understand the multililngual information flow


Multiple employees qualify and learn languages on the job in only one step: timesaving and economic


Wider content range, productivity and international business - success through languages and understanding
your key to the multilingual world